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uPVC windows

uPVC windows in Edinburgh and Lothians

Farleys Windows & Doors can help with new and replacement uPVC windows. Get in touch with our experienced team today.

Established uPVC window installer and fitter

Farleys Windows & Doors is an established company with an excellent reputation, something we work very hard to keep. We can supply and install high quality and affordable uPVC windows that are ideal for any home.


Since 1999 we have been helping homeowners in Edinburgh and Lothians with their windows, as well as supplying trade windows to joiners, fitters and builders in our local area, If you would like to arrange a competitive quotation for some new uPVC double glazed windows, just get in touch.

Window fitter

We can supply many different types of uPVC windows


This has an outwards opening that can be located wherever you wish on the window. It is a very versatile and popular type of uPVC window.

Sash and case window

Sash windows are very popular on traditional buildings such as Edinburgh tenements. They fit in with the overall look of the buildings seamlessly.


With tilt and turn windows, the entire pane moves, so it is often used above the ground floor level for ease of cleaning and safety reasons.

flush sash window

Flush sash windows usually have frames that appear the same width. This is achieved with dummy sashes and improves the appearance of any home.

upvc bay window

Bay windows are an arrangement of three or more individual window units. They create an excellent impression and are usually located in the living room of homes.

Reversible window

Reversible windows provide a stylish, safe and convenient option for difficult to access locations, such as upper floors of homes and multi storey buildings.

Benefits of uPVC windows

  • Cost - they provide a very affordable option for homeowners

  • Insulation - they have excellent insulation, which will help to keep your energy costs low

  • Colours - they are available in a wide range of colours, so will complement any home

  • Maintenance - uPVC is virtually maintenance free, all it needs is a regular wipe with soapy water

Contact us

If you are interested in getting a quote for new uPVC windows and live in the Lothians area, call Edinburgh based Farleys Windows & Doors in Edinburgh on 0131 669 4010.

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