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Timber windows

Stylish timber windows in Edinburgh and Lothians

Farleys Windows & Doors can supply and install high quality timber windows which look great in any home. Call us today for a free quotation.

Quality timber windows

Farleys Windows & Doors is an established company that works in Edinburgh and Lothians, supplying and installing timber windows for homeowners, as well as supplying them directly to builders, fitters and joiners.


Timber windows are very popular with many homeowners as they look great on older period and traditional homes, as well as enhancing the look of modern homes. They can be made from softwood and hardwood and are available in a choice of styles to suit your requirements.

Woodworker with window frame

We can supply a range of different timber window styles

casement timber window

This has an outwards opening that can be located wherever you wish on the window. It is a very versatile and popular type of uPVC window.

chaise longue in bay window

Bay windows are an arrangement of three or more individual window units. They create an excellent impression and are usually located in the living room of homes.

tilt and turn timber window

With tilt and turn windows, the entire pane moves, so it is often used above the ground floor level for ease of cleaning and safety reasons.

Sash and case windows

Sash windows are very popular on traditional buildings such as Edinburgh tenements. They fit in with the overall look of the buildings seamlessly.

Benefits of timber framed windows

  • Excellent thermal efficiency

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Very long lasting

  • Low maintenance

  • Adds character to your home

  • Choice of colours - as wood can be varnished, painted or stained, homeowners can customise them to get the look they want

Arrange a free quotation

Timber windows will enhance the aesthetic appeal of any home. To arrange a free quotation, just get in touch with Edinburgh based Farleys Windows & Doors in Edinburgh on 0131 669 4010.

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