FAQ – cover


Q. Who will come out to see me?

A. One of our experienced team. No salesmen will call and so no high pressure selling. Most are tradesmen with an in-depth knowledge of the business. All are full time employees.

Q. What happens next?

A. Then the next stage is for the Farleys representative to discus your requirements and take approximate survey sizes which – depending on teh size and type of project – may take up a little time. They will also assess all site sensitivities which may impact on installation. These can be everything from identifying hazards or obstructions like blinds, curtains, telephone/alarm cables or sensors, to more complex issues like planning consents, access to site or health and safety concerns. Farleys will then go away and price your quotation. We will not sit in your home and pressure you into signing! Your quotation will be sent along with any appropriate actions required and all estimate of costs.

Q. Then what?

A. If you decide to order from Farleys a surveyor will take accurate measurements needed for manufacturing as all Farleys products are bespoke.
A detailed survey is produced for you to sign and a copy given to you highlighting anything which could impact on the quality or delivery of the job.

Q. How much do Farleys cost?

A. Less than you think, because our quotation includes everything there are no hidden ‘extras’. The price you are quoted is the price you pay.

Q. Who will be fitting my windows or conservatory?

A. All our fitting teams are Farleys employees with several years standing in the company. Most are time served joiners or associated building trades qualified.

Q. I understand that fitting Farleys products can improve home security but what about safety issues like emergency escape in case of a fire for instance.

A. All Farleys products exceed current requirements for emergency escape. Your fitting team will explain the use of the tamper proof safety ‘restrictors’ which prevent accidental full opening but facilitate (where appropriate) an escape route that complies with existing and future legislation.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Upon completion of the job payment can be made to the fitting team by cheque or cash.If you prefer payment may also be made direct to our bank or by major credit card (extra chanrge). Once payment is made in full your guarantee will be invoked.

Q. How good is your guarantee?

A. Farleys guarantee is just what it says. 10 years and/ or 10 years Insurance Backed (External Agent) as requested on materials and labour. Farleys name has been around since 1968 and that means we know our products and workmanship will last.

The guarantee can be transferable, should you sell your home the new owners can enjoy the balance of the guarantee subject to the original conditions of sale, for a small inspection handling charge.

Q. Can I recommend Farleys to friends and neighbours?

A. Of course you can and you would be keeping a tradition of referral alive as the bulk of our business comes from happy customers recommendations.